Bryan Stamey is a senior Computer Engineering major at Louisiana State University with minors in Digital Media Arts and Engineering and Computer Science.  His work spans from the technical to the artistic, including engineering unique solutions to complex problems and designing interactive software applications.  His work focuses on the ways that people interact with technology to make their lives better, easier, or just more fun. He spends his time outside of class competing as a cross country and track athlete, taking pictures, and cooking.

Bryan has always been fascinated by how we use technology in our day to day lives.  The intersection of technology and art is particular area of intrigue for Bryan. He started working with digital photography at an early age when he used a 1 megapixel HP camera to capture the world around him.  He has since graduated to working with DSLRs and digital photo manipulation in Photoshop and Lightroom. Extending from his photography interests, Bryan became interested in videography and digital effects. He has spent many hours experimenting with DJI drone for capturing unique footage and learning about motion graphics in a host of applications.

Generally, Bryan is interested in any place that technology works to enhance our lives.  He is always exploring the cutting edge of technology. He chose to major in Computer Engineering to help develop those interests.  He has taken many courses in Computer Science, Computer Hardware, and Electrical Engineering and enjoys always learning more about the field.  He currently works on many projects, both individual and with interdisciplinary teams to explore applications of his academic work.
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